Annual Meeting Session Topics

Special Presentations:

  • Economic Update – Ken Simonson, Chief Economist for Associated General Contractors of America will provide an economic update, review of trends and outlook for the construction industry.
  • Word on the Street – A General Contractor’s view of the market
  • Anthony M. Graziano, CEO Integra Realty Resources

Panels and Presentations:

  • Construction Outlook 2020 (Chief Economist AGC)
  • When projects go bad – Contract provisions to avoid and manage failures
  • Problem Projects – Five things to do when things go sideways
  • Financial Instruments to protect your investment (SureBuild, Bonds, SubGuard)
  • Technology – Market Update and Implementation
  • Funds Control – Best Practices in Cybersecurity
  • Case Studies
  • A developer’s dilemma
  • What happens when the CC kicks in
  • Utility-scale Solar
  • Low Income Housing Tax Credit Status and Updates
  • Kickoff Calls – Getting off to a good start
  • Managing risks in modular construction

Discussions & Breakouts:

  • SBA and SOP – How recent changes can affect Policies
  • Emerging Concerns and Trends – Material and labor costs, construction delays, GC and sub qualifications
  • Controlling risks during environmental cleanup
  • Managing Retention
  • Contractor Evaluation
  • Managing your scope of work – How much is enough?
  • Managing contingency budgets
  • Agency Updates
  • Data Capture, Problematic Materials