Over the years we’ve continually expanded the space for the CLRM community – in person via our national and regional meetings, online via webinars and a LinkedIn forum, and now in print via this Journal.

Full of insights on the construction lending market, construction costs, the regulatory environment, risk management tips and much more, this is a great resource for construction lenders and equity capital providers.

Check out the third edition of the CLRM Journal!

The pandemic has created significant challenges in the industry and has limited our face-to-face meetings and interactions.

Despite everything that has occurred, we are so glad that we have been able to keep these conversations going through continued calls and newsletters, recurring webinars, a LinkedIn forum, and in print via this Journal!

CLRM 2020 Cover

Check out the second edition of the CLRM Journal!

In the 2020 CLRM Journal, we’ve collected insights from the CLRM community covering key market and construction trends for the coming year, bond alternatives that are gaining industry traction, sound advice from lenders on problem projects and the value of a good inspecting consultant, how technology can drive efficiencies and reduce costs, a construction contracts tutorial for the savvy financier, and risk management tools for the entire life cycle of a construction project.

CLRM 2019 Journal Cover

Check out the first edition of the CLRM Journal!

 In the journal, we’ve collected insights from the CLRM community concerning the market, construction costs, regulatory updates, risk management and other hot topics. Thank you to all the contributors for sharing your expertise and perspectives!

By helping each other, we can contribute to a stronger economy and help to minimize risks in the next downturn